Small Business Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes

Small Business Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes

Small Business Marketing Workshops, Seminars and Keynotes

By John Jantsch

This is a video compilation of a few of the speaking events I’ve done over the past couple of years.

In 2010 and into 2011 it seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about social media.

This coming year I’ll be talking a great deal about integrating online and offline strategies and tactics and the fact that social media has simply become a given that needs to be considered more like a behavior than a tactic.

I’ll be talking a lot about passion and purpose and how building and promoting a business based on those elements is a powerful way to differentiate.

I’ll be talking a lot about selling by teaching, building your Marketing Hourglass and turning your business into a platform.

Feel free to share the above reel with anyone looking for someone with a decidedly practical spin on marketing or point them to the Duct Tape Marketing Workshop page.

So, if you could design a workshop topic you would love to attend, what would the topic be?

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