Sell Em What They Want

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague the other day. We were discussing the fact that, try as we might, our prospects don’t always know that they need what we have to offer. Often, they think they know what they want, but professional (not infallible) experience tells us we might know better.

There is always going to be the need to balance what a client should want and what they, at this point in time, think they want. I’m not suggesting that you simply tell and sell what they will buy, but I am saying that if full appreciation of what you have to offer is going to take a while to understand, don’t die trying, get an order and start building trust by way of access.

I find it extremely important in most cases to develop products, services and information that can allow your prospects and clients to get a taste of what they want, just enough in some cases to learn you are someone they should trust. Sometimes prospects just aren’t ready to appreciate the value the full meal deal until they get a taste. Presenting a few a la carte offerings may allow them to better understand your entire value proposition. If they have any hesitation in the first place, it usually because they don’t have enough information to determine the value of your complete package – and it’s probably a bigger risk to them.

When you fill your marketing funnel with these kinds of “lower” entry point offerings, you may find it easier to move them on to what they “really” need now that they have experienced some success. Remember, in the end it’s all about trust – when you develop enough trust, you own the keys to the client’s kingdom.

Sell them a sample of your work and get them hooked.


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