Wall Street Journal Small Talk Columnist Talks Entrepreneurship 101
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Wall Street Journal Small Talk Columnist Talks Entrepreneurship 101

Wall Street Journal Small Talk Columnist Talks Entrepreneurship 101

By John Jantsch

When I first started my business over 20 years ago, I was a bit of an odd duck for my age. At the time, business ownership was equated to a form of joblessness.

Times have changed and I visited with Kelly Spors, Small Talk columnist for The Wall Street Journal and StarupJournal.com about the raging trend of campus entrepreneurs and college entrepreneurial programs. You can hear our interview on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast.

Colleges all over America are creating ways to foster early entrepreneurial growth while students are attending classes. A growing number of schools are offering entrepreneurial degrees, but some are going as far as creating “hatcheries” and offering funding for start-ups.

As a side note, I interviewed a couple twenty-something college success stories, Tom Szaky of Terracycle and Ryan Allis of Intellicontact (not published yet). Great shows!

I would love to hear about some college entrepreneur success stories – I know I have lots of college age entrepreneur readers – let’s hear about what you’re doing.

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