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Ok, this one might not be earthshattering, but it’s kind of fun. Sound is a great way to build brand recognition – think about all the jingles over the years that you could not get out of your head.

Mobile phone ringtones have become big business for indy artists and record labels (not to mention the service providers.) Why not come up with or adapt some musical branding element that would make a great ringtone and put it on your phone, the phones of your sales folks and maybe even offer it to clients and website visitors. That way, your musical jingle can make its mark everywhere cell phones ring – like, everywhere.

Creating one these is not that tough. It’s basically an mp3 file, ideally about 15-20 seconds in length. I’ve created the official Duct Tape ringtone that I’m predicting will go down as one of the more popular ringtones for duct (and duck) tape lovers around the world.

Here’s how you can add it to your smartphone (with a web browser.)
Point your phone’s browser to http://www.johnjantsch.com/podcasts/dtringtone.mp3 and then download the file to your phone and assign it as a ringer. (you can also just click on the link to play it in your mp3 player or right click and Save As to download for later.)

I co-wrote this little jewel so download and pass on without copyright fear.


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