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Web marketers have discovered the value of adding audio to websites and sales pages for a number of years now. Used properly, audio can really help visitors connect and get more excited about a product or service (video is quickly jumping into this space too.)

One overlooked use of audio is to help enhance your customer’s experience with you, your products, and services.

  • Audio welcome messages on thank you pages or in autogenerated email
  • “How to” audio links delivered with products
  • Personalized instructions to help get more from a service
  • Getting started audios to help a client know what to do next
  • Ongoing conference reports that wrap up meeting notes
  • Conference call summaries for non attendees
  • Assignments for third party vendors or collaborators

Finally, I would love to see this: An FAQ page with the questions posed via audio from real prospects and clients and your expert answers or those of real clients spoken for each.

By the way, I use a very effective service for this type of audio enhancements called Audio Acrobat. I like it most for its ease of use. I can record from my computer or telephone and upload mp3 files. I can also create guest lines and allow clients to record messages via telephone. I’ve also seen podcasters use this feature to take recorded audience calls and drop them into shows. Audio Acrobat makes it easy to publish the audios and place them on web pages and emails.

Once you get the hang of it you may find lots of great uses for audio.

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