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Social directories and bookmarking sites are good places to visit and get your story seen, spread, and occasionally linked to.

Sites like digg and are great traffic generators and worth the time you put into learning about and participating.

Guy Kawasaki created an interesting social play recently called Truemors – Rumors and News. The idea is that people post what amounts to little announcements or rumors about stuff and then people view them, link to them, bookmark them and email them to others.

There is a business aspect to this tool that makes it more readily useful than tools like twitter.

Here’s an easy way to use Truemors for a little PR. Post a truemor that has a newsy feel or announcement theme about some aspect of your business or products. Think PR not sales. Did you hear that, has anyone else seen, I’ve just discovered, etc. The system allows you link back to a website or even individual blog post and worth the very little investment of your time. Some may even find that they have a great truemor post that lots of people want to pass on. Don’t spam or promote, just like any PR pitch or you will find that your truemors get nixed by the system.

Here’s an example of a post that stayed in the system and immediately sent traffic.


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