Public speaking a competitive marketing skill

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Every small business owner can benefit from becoming a better speaker. It doesn’t really matter if your ambitions are to sell across the desk or present across the globe, getting your message heard and acted upon is essential small business stuff.

In fact, I think that forcing yourself to get in front of an audience and deliver a talk of some sort is one of the best ways to develop competitive marketing skills. When you have to get your thoughts down into a concise 30 minute talk and then go out and get instance, sometimes too truthful, feedback it develops character and poise along with an improved message.

The first time you get up in front of a crowd and realize that nobody will die if you aren’t very polished is the point at which you might just get hooked on doing it again and again.

In a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, my guest is Tom Antion. Tom knows a thing or two about speaking and about teaching people how to be more effective speakers. If you want to make speaking a primary revenue source, Tom’s your man for that as well.

Listen as he describes some of the keys to being a better presenter.



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