Online Social Networking is Really Neither Social or Networking

Online Social Networking is Really Neither Social or Networking

Online Social Networking is Really Neither Social or Networking

By John Jantsch

I like reading TechCrunch but if I read about another online social network start-up I’m going to throw up.

Here’s my belief on this fad – online social networking is neither social or networking. Hey, I’m as up on the whole Web 2.0 thing as anybody, but social networking, over a computer, for a business can be a grand waste of time and a crutch that allows you to stay behind the monitor when in fact you should be picking up the phone, taking someone to lunch, writing a hand-written note or shaking some hands.

I don’t have anything against the LinkedIns and Ryzes of the world I just don’t think they hold much real value for the small business owner because of the amount of work it takes to make connections that are real.

I’m certain that some folks have made these work for them, but real networking is hard work. Really discovering how you can help someone takes looking them in the eye. It’s a scary thing to do sometimes, but it takes contact to connect.

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