Don't Let Your Small Business Get Left Behind in the Local Search Engine Game

Don't Let Your Small Business Get Left Behind in the Local Search Engine Game

Don't Let Your Small Business Get Left Behind in the Local Search Engine Game

By John Jantsch

I find the entire category of local search fascinating. The fact that people are increasingly turning to the Internet to hunt down businesses around the block makes this trend one that you can’t afford to sit out. When someone wants to find a local shoe store they type something like South Dallas Shoe store kids. Your business needs to be able to rank well for searches like that or else!

I’ve created a product that I think will be help local businesses compete in the local search game. I call it a Duct Tape Marketing Local Search Engine Profile.

For an annual fee, small business can complete a simple form that builds a local profile page (see example) and automatically submits this profile data to most of the local search engines and directories.

In addition, the profile is housed on the high traffic, highly ranked Duct Tape Marketing site and offers the small business a chance to get an almost unfair advantage over competitors for key local search terms.

I created listings for a number of my local clients. The results so far are pretty interesting.

An accounting and investment firm
Google search for “Kansas City CPAs” – rank #4
Google search for “Kansas City Investment Advisors” – rank #1

A computer network services firm
Google search for “Kansas City computer network service” – rank #5
Google search for “Kansas city network security” – rank #3
Google search for “Kansas city network maintenance” – rank #3

A remodeling contractor
Google search for “Kansas City remodeling contractor” – rank #4
Google search for “Kansas city bath remodeling” – rank #2
Google search for “Kansas City house remodeling” – rank #1

Come and get your local search engine profile while they’re hot!

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