Women Entrepreneurs Will Someday Rule the World

Women Entrepreneurs Will Someday Rule the World

Women Entrepreneurs Will Someday Rule the World

By John Jantsch

I suspect that women entrepreneurs already do rule the world, but they’re allowing our male egos to think differently for the moment.

I live with five women and have worked with countless women business owners over the years and they just have an unfair advantage.

Want to know what I think it is?

The women business owners I have worked with are wired to give and giving is one of the most attractive marketing tactics in the world. So, when I say rule the world, it’s not in the typical male, Pinky and the Brain kind of way, I mean in an intuitively practical, ultimately profitable manner that works for all.

As I watch my own daughters lurching towards something called real life, I am witnessing this from a renewed perspective.

On the surface these sites may seem focused on the needs of women entrepreneurs. Of course, as they teach marketers like me how to market to and with women, their reach become pretty darn universal doesn’t it?.

So, gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?

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