Niche Blogs Are Finding A Business Home

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Blogs are so last year. Nothing new with that statement. So how do business owners, just waking up to blogs, use them to make a difference? Niche the content.

Here are three good examples of pretty tight niche industries or niches within industries using blogs.

* A Kansas City remodeling contractor blogging about a project
* An attorney covering construction law issues
* A document signing company covering reverse mortgages


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  1. 2005 proved that blogs are here to stay, that they can be successfully monetized, and that they can be successful marketing tools.

    2006 will see a clearing of the playing field as newcomers struggle to do well, those who find a niche (like in any business venture) will do well.

  2. Opportunity- Niche Blogs
    I just saw this interesting post over at Duct Tape Marketing, “Niche Blogs are Finding a Business Home.”  It is a short post,  but essentially he is pointing out the fact that continued opportunities in blogging revolve around niche blogs…

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