Most Small Businesses Start Off Doomed

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Sad to say that most small businesses are formed because someone
knows how to do something. They got a job as an accountant and
one day decided to form a CPA firm. Or, they worked in a certain
industry for a while and then got fired. Boom, another new business

Here’s the problem with most of these well intentioned firms. They
start off without ever considering if anyone wants or needs or, more
importantly, will pay for what they do.

I know this sounds so elementary but experience tells me it needs

If you want to start a business, any business, find a hot market and
fill it. The most successful businesses in the world are formed from
filling a void. Again, some might think, well, duh, but then tell me
why so many people jump into business only to find nobody else
needs or wants what they do?

Here’ s the secret to happiness, whether you are starting a business,
looking to make your first Internet million, want to create an ebook,
or you own a business that needs a shot in the arm. Research and
discover a market that needs and wants something first and then
create a business or product around it.

One potential starting point for your research is to get some insight
into what people are searching for on the Internet. My favorite site
for that is the Lycos 50. No matter what business you are in, you
can benefit from spending some time checking this site out.


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