Educate First, Sell Later

Educate First, Sell Later

Educate First, Sell Later

By John Jantsch

Do you know why most marketing materials fail? Because
first they are sales materials. . .written to convince someone
to buy. Guess what, nobody wants to be sold anything.

Really effective small business marketing materials educate
the prospects by showing them solutions, allowing them to
see themselves building a relationship with your firm, demonstrating
knowledge and expertise, showing past successes and the like.

Forget the tri-fold brochure and think about creating a marketing
kit full of inserts with titles like:

The Smith Company Difference
Our Core Services
Real Life Case Studies
Your Solution Process
What Others Have to Say About Us
A Little Idea That Became Huge

Then mix and match these pages to fit the needs of your prospect!

Want to quickly create your own magnificent marketing materials?
Join me as I coach up to 10 other small business owners through the
process of creating marketing materials that educate and sell. Once a
week for 4 weeks in January of 2005 we will meet via teleconference
to create and critique your written marketing kit content based on the
above article. Each participant will also receive a workbook, feedback
and real-life example marketing kits produced by me with my
clients. Find out more by sending an email to
Make “Marketing Kit Info” your subject line!

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