Marketing Is Everyone's Job

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If you’ve got more than one employee, then this post is for you.

The typical small business owner also wears the Chief Marketing Officer hat or maybe they employ someone who primarily focuses on marketing.

Unfortunately, the typical small business org chart is a pretty flat looking thing. Those who are charged with marketing are the only ones who know what is going on in a marketing sense.

Here’s today’s lesson – everyone in your organization must be shown how to participate in your marketing and how to help you maximize your marketing.

The funny thing is, anyone in your organization who comes into contact with a customer or a potential customer in the name of your business is performing a marketing function – so why not teach them to perform it well?

Round up every person in your organization and through one big giant whoopla meeting and an ongoing series of one-on-one meetings teach them:

  • Who your ideal client is and how you spot them
  • The exact “core message” phrase to say when someone asks them what they do for living
  • How to refer business to the organizations
  • How to participate in the creation of new marketing initiatives
  • How to use the company website and marketing materials
  • What your brand stands for
  • The impression you want every client to have of the business
  • What you measure to judge marketing success

That should make for a good start on your new marketing driven org chart.


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