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I’m headed down I-35 somewhere south of Oklahoma City fully wireless and blogging – don’t worry I’m not driving.

But here’s the thought I wanted to share. Two of my daughters are sitting in the back seat plugged into a movie – TranFormers (they’re really too old for that, but that’s another story.) The point is that they both have headsets on and occasionally they erupt into various forms of giggles at something that happened in the movie. It’s kind of sweet to hear these spontaneous giggles, but the odd thing is that they giggle at different times. In other words, what they think is funny is different for them.

I wonder how many people visit our websites, read our sales copy and listen to our pitches and, effectively, laugh at different parts, and maybe not the parts we thought they would laugh or not at.

Test, test, test everything. It’s a amazing how different the same web page can appear to different people. Know what you want people to do when you make a point, create a web page, write a sales letter and then get some people together to see if they get it. You are probably too close to know what the funny parts are anymore.

By the way, some of the roadkill out here in North Texas looks pretty good for T-day.


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