Is Comment Spam on Blogs a Thing of the Past?

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At some point I couldn’t take the comment robots putting 200 ads for you know what in the comments on my blog so I took measures to try and limit this practice. These measures included user registration and other hoop jumping. While this discouraged the spammers it also slowed the conversation with you the readers.

I have now stopped the spammers and eliminated the comment barriers. Post comments as you wish. Okay, what I really mean is you don’t have to register to comment, just join the conversation.

If you read this blog and enjoy it, take a moment to come on by and post a comment of two to show your support. I need more conversation on this blog and I promise to engage in lively debate when the occasion arises.

Thanks for reading, linking, commenting and telling your friends.

If you’re an RSS reader, just remember that I gave you full feeds like you asked for so, get your butt over here and visit once in a while!

Update:A number of readers have asked how I stopped the comment spam. I wish I could tell you that I had some universal secret. I simply upgraded my blog software and found that they had added some better comment bot and moderation features.


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