If you want to get bigger, think smaller

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Too many small business owners feel they are so desperate for business they must jump through hoops to do business with anyone they meet.

Ask many a small business owner to define their target market and, if they are being honest, they will tell you that it is anyone they think will pay them.

Want to know how to make your business really soar?

Narrow your focus. Start saying no to those odd calls that come in from potential clients who are shopping for a lower price.

Define your target market as specific as possible and tell the world “this is who we do business with.”

The scary but wonderful part of this is that by default you are also saying this is who we DON’T do business with.

What this approach will allow you to do is personalize your business to meet the needs of a very specific target market. When you can communicate that you know how to serve a certain market, you are an expert in that niche, the right kinds of clients will flock to you and most importantly, they will be looking for your expertise and not a lower price.


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