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About once a week I get an email from someone who wants to know
how they should get started blogging. I used to launch into a discussion
about software and various options for hosting and driving traffic, but
lately I’ve come to the conclusion that you get started blogging like you
get started doing a lot things.

So, here’s my new answer.

To get started blogging I suggest you do the following 3 things.

1) Download an RSS reader or subscribe to a web based service.
Favorites for me are FeedDemon for RSS reader and Bloglines for
web based. [Here’s my Business Blogging Resources Page too]

2) Go to Bloglines or some other Blog Directory and find blogs
that are somehow related to what you want to blog about.
[Bloglines make this pretty easy as it will suggest relevant
blogs and FeedDemon will seemlessly integrate the two]

3) Now, just read for about 30 days.

To me, that is the best way to get started on the right track.
Learn what other’s are doing and find out how you might do
a better job of it.


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  1. John you got into blogging very earlier but I have to admit that I was very sceptical.

    I hadn’t found the Duct Tape blog but teh blogs that I did see seems very self indulgent and I couldn’t fathom out why a) people wrote them or b) why people read them.

    Now I am a convert and wish that I had started my blog my earlier.

    One word of warning to anyone who is thinking about starting a blog.

    It is strangely addictive.

    I now feel compelled to add something else to my blog everyday.

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