Frequency matters

The term frequency is often related in marketing terms to the number of times you run an ad or send out a mailing to a certain list, but I think it has another, perhaps more important, meaning for the small business.

Frequency, in quantum physics circles, is something like the vibration rate of a wave or particle. Okay, I’m not going to win any Nobel Prizes for the sciences, but the idea further goes to suggest that atoms, particles, and stuffs in general are attracted to those with like frequency.

Have you ever entered a room and noticed someone you’ve never met, but instantly connected with – it may be looks, but more often it’s just something that you can’t really put your finger on. There are those that would call this a connection based energy or like frequency.

I think this phenomenon, regardless of how deep you want to dive into this, is true for your marketing. Every business, every person, every marketing contact emits a frequency that attracts whatever you have in your business.

Think about it, marketing is all about attraction. So, the question is, who have you attracted to your business to date? Are they the right customers, ideal, or are they all wrong? Do you have any idea what actually makes, and therefor what does not make, the perfect customer for your business. Why aren’t you attracting enough of them.

My bet is that if you are not attracting the ideal customer, then you are sending the wrong message, the wrong energy, either intentionally or accidentally – your frequency is jambed. Your vibe is out of tune.

I know that can sound a little goofy, so let’s use a phrase that, to me, is the same thing – your brand is out of alignment.

Muddy brands happen because small business owners either don’t know or won’t commit to narrowly defining their ideal prospect and setting their business up to communicate authentically with that very narrow target. If you can take this essential step you will find this whole “law of attraction thing” that’s been getting a lot of attention of late is grounded in practical business application.


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