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In this final installment of the 3-part “Fun with RSS” I want to show you how to take multiple RSS feeds, mash them together, and create one single feed to filter or display.

Now, perhaps you’re wondering, “why would I want to do that?” Here are my three favorite uses for this technology

1) Listening – let’s say you want to follow everything being said about a subject and have it delivered to you daily
2) Creating custom or iRSS feeds (individual) – let’s say you have several really hot prospects and you want to create a news feed just for them as a value added service – and to show your mad customer service skills.
3) Creating custom content – maybe you would like to create dynamic news pages related a topic or community (great local search play), or maybe you wanted a way to take the feeds from your top 5 strategic partners and have them run down the sidebar of your blog page.

All of the above can be done using a tool called mysyndicaat. Mysyndicaat allows you to take any RSS feed and put it together with up to four others to create one new feed. This trick even takes out the duplicates that might come from news service feeds like Yahoo and Google News. (Note: if you want more than 5 feeds you can create several mashups and then create one new one using the 5 feed mashups resulting 25 feeds in one.)

The video below demonstrates this technique with the addition of Buzz Boost from Feedburner to help you display the results on a web page. I’ve use my Duct Tape Marketing Coach home page to easily display the latest posts from all the coaches in the network as an example. (Always respect copyrights and content syndication licensing.)

Video: Using mysyndicaat to mash together feeds

I would love to hear any ways that you have fun with RSS!


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