Every Business Needs Both

Most people go into business because they know how to do something. The problem is that’s not enough. For a business to thrive you must also know how to dream much bigger about that something, identify and seize opportunities where others don’t, and put yourself in the shoes of your target market.

To me, the perfect business, [maybe it’s the perfect person] consists of both poet and technician. Kinda like marketing and operations I guess. The poet’s job is to be unreasonable, romantic and thought provoking. The technician’s job is to be realistic, accountable and systematic.

Blend the poet and the technician and the internal struggle can produce something magical. But, too much poet and you’re constantly chasing the next cool, fun sounding thing. Too much technician and you might end up stagnant and boring. If you lack one or the other, go out and get it somehow! Hire it, partner with it, marry it, raise it, just make sure your business is always creating, pushing, producing and looking for opportunities to fill.


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