A Couple of Random Referral Ideas

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Today was a good day.

I received a bunch of Starbucks gift cards as a thank you for referring some clients to one of my strategic partners, Conference Calls Unlimited. This type of acknowledgement, nothing extravagant really, is the kind of thing that keeps referral sources motivated. The Starbucks program is pretty easy to use too. You can order the card on line at Starbucks.com and then personalize the enclosure card with a thank you message.

Random idea two:

I also received a copy of Andy Sernovitz’s book – Word of Mouth Marketing (more on that in an upcoming podcast.) The main thing I want to point out is how the book was shipped. Andy or someone associated with his publisher shipped my a small sample gift from Dale and Thomas Popcorn company. The package contained a small bag of popcorn, a copy of the book and (here’s the kicker) a catalog of gift items from Dale and Thomas Popcorn. I’m guessing (could be wrong but it would still make sense) that Dale and Thomas paid the shipping for this mailing as a way to get in front of a targeted and chatty (remember I’m a very talkative blogger – see it worked) audience.

A couple of things to chew on for the weekend!


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