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The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast was an ongoing show well before the recent podcast craze and as such has a large and loyal following. But more than that - Duct Tape Marketing is an established brand with a library of content assets, newsletter readers, social followings, publications, best-selling books, and online communities. When you sponsor episodes of the podcast you can leverage the total reach and engagement of the Duct Tape brand.

Meet our listeners

Small business owners and entrepreneurs

Approximately 60% of our listeners own and operate a small business. This group is made up of start-up online businesses and traditional brick and mortar main street types. Contractors, lawyers, tree services and consultants mix with growth hackers, coaches, and online store owners. 

These organizations generally employ less than 50. 43% are women and 56% are men. The majority age group is 35-54. This group spends money on tools, training, and services.

Mid-size company marketers

Approximately 40% of our listeners work in some marketing capacity for mid-sized organizations, although a small percentage work in very large organizations that target small business.

This group consumes a tremendous amount of content and training in an effort to stay on top of the latest books, trends, and strategies. This groups tends to be slightly younger - 25-45 and slightly more female - 54%. This group listens to about 3 hours of podcast each week and makes purchase decisions for their organizations.

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