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John Jantsch podcast host

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast first aired in 2005. It was an ongoing show well before the recent podcast craze and as such has a large and loyal following. But more than that — Duct Tape Marketing is an established brand with a library of content assets, newsletter readers, social followings, publications, best-selling books, and online communities. When you sponsor an episode of our podcast you are leveraging the total reach and engagement of the Duct Tape Marketing brand.

Ranked one of the top 50 podcasts of any genre based
on unique visitors per month (UVMs) : Source: Muck Rack

Meet our listeners:

Business owners and entrepreneurs

Small business owners and entrepreneurs

Approximately 60% of our listeners own and operate a small business. This group is made up of start-up online businesses and traditional brick and mortar main street types. Contractors, lawyers, tree services and consultants mix with growth hackers, coaches, and online store owners. 

These organizations generally employ less than 50. 43% are women and 56% are men. The majority age group is 35-54. This group spends money on tools, training, and services.

Marketing consultants and agencies

Marketing consultants and mid-sized agencies

Approximately 40% of our listeners are marketing consultants, digital agencies, marketing strategists, and marketing coaches. This is the group we hear from the most, they believe in continued learning, networking, helping small businesses and collaborating with other coaches and consultants. This group listens to 5-10 hours of podcasts each week and makes purchases decisions and recommendations for multiple organizations. This group is the focus for Duct Tape Marketing for 2019 and is closely aligned to the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.


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On the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, John Jantsch interviews authors, experts and thought leaders sharing business marketing tips, tactics and resources in front of… 150,000 Average Monthly Visitors to Duct Tape Marketing|75,000 podcast downloads per month|65,000 Newsletter Subscribers|112,000 Twitter Followers|30,000 Facebook Followers|8,000 LinkedIn Connections|5,500 Instagram Followers

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$8,000 — 9 sponsored episodes
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4.5 Star iTunes Rating

Brilliant and Simple

by rrships

I’ve been in Marketing for over 20 years and this podcast helps me stay current on the most effective consultant tools and techniques available. Online marketing is constantly evolving technologically, but the fundamentals haven’t changed much. John Jantsch knows the technology and the fundamentals and he makes both easy to understand and implement.

So much value!

by Lucas Lee-Tyson

This is easily my favorite marketing and business podcast, and trust me, I've listened to (almost) all of them. John has some of the best guests and is able to extract incredibly valuable insights from every show. Definitely recommended!

Mind blowing show

by ArturoJ

Love the show. Especially the in depth on the why which isn't often talked about in other shows. This is helpful and insightful. Thank you!

Invaluable Podcast for Marketing

by zcollier

This is a high quality show about marketing. I listen to a variety of podcasts about marketing when I go running and this one is easily my favorite since there are always world class guests interviewed in a professional manner.

Must listen for business owners

by MattyScan13

I have been following John's content since starting my first business. He provides clear, concise, actionable advice for any entrepreneur. Highly recommend this podcast!

Always my "go to resource" for real value

by Splatt

John's work via Duct Tape always elevates the listener. I know of no other authentic small business marketing and business growth influencer that I would prefer to send my connections and my friends. Wonderful quality, pace and most importantly, strong content that is valuable!