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I am in the process of doing a complete renovation of the Duct Tape Marketing site.

We are be adding a small business community called the WorkBench that will allow you to build a profile, network with other small businesses, add and rate video and audio and host a blog right here at Duct Tape Marketing. – Much more on this to come.

I’m pretty sure that you will find the entire site and blog more usable. One of the things about constantly creating content over about a five year period is it gets a bit cluttered. Sorry for that, but improvement is on the way.

But enough about me, I want to talk about something for you now!

I am also adding a job board – a place where my readers can advertise job openings and jobs wanted to the marketing and small business world. Like a lot of things it’s a bit of a cart and horse situation though. I know the community is hungry for and will find enough value to support this kind of information, but until there are some listings there won’t be traffic.

The cost to list a job on the board is $99 for 30 days. But, to seed the beta version I am going to give the first 20 folks that want to create a complete job listing a free post. You can view the rather lonely looking board in its pre-launch state here: Duct Tape Marketing Job Board Be kind as the paint isn’t dry. If you see the potential in the traffic that will surround my new community effort send me an email and I will give you a coupon code to list your job as a beta user for free.


Job Board

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