Chillin with Blue Man Group in NYC

Chillin with Blue Man Group in NYC

Chillin with Blue Man Group in NYC

By John Jantsch

Once again I will be in NYC attending an OPEN from American Express Small Business Forum.

This edition of the forum features Liz Lange – founder of Liz Lange maternity, Mario Batali – noted New York City restauranteur and chef and Blue Man Group. I’ve never seen Blue Man Group live before and I’m not sure what they have planned for this event, but I anticipate it will involve a fusion of business meets theatrics. (At least that’s what I’m pulling for)

The event, titled “Standing Out in the Crowd,” is November 16th at the Nokia Theater in Times Square.

These events are a lot of fun and very energizing for the hundreds of small business owners who attend. I always enjoy meeting Duct Tape Marketing readers at these events and hope to meet see you there.

If you can’t attend the event make sure you register to watch the live webcast that will air at 8pm ET that evening.

By the way, in the spirit of full disclosure, American Express is a sponsor of this blog.

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