Booming or Busted?

Booming or Busted?

Booming or Busted?

By John Jantsch

Marketing EXCELerator Right now, pretty much everyone is thinking about what it’s going to take their business to move their business to the next level in 2009?

To build a marketing system that shines in good times and bad?

To trust that their marketing in on the right track, preparing to deliver consistent results every single time.

So, please join me January 8th, 2009 at Noon CST to discover the . . .

The Secrets to Building a Booming Business in a Busted Economy. – Enroll here

    I will discuss how to

  • focus on your ideal customer
  • find a unique value proposition
  • educate instead of sell
  • be found as opposed to hunt
  • harness the Internet

and introduce you to one of the most innovative small business coaching programs available – the Duct Tape Marketing EXCELerator.

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