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Duct Tape Marketing KindleI’ve been a huge fan of the Kindle since day one – it feeds my nature – reading 10 books at the same time – so imagine how happy I was when I finally got my publisher to move on getting Amazon what they need to make Duct Tape Marketing available in a Kindle edition.

You can grab it here

Now, if I could get them to agree to the audio and Spanish versions I would really be a happy camper!


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  1. John – Congrats – that’s great news! I hope to hear how your Kindle sales compare to your other sales.
    I also like to read several books at one time. I went to Amazon to check out Kindles but they’re sold out. It’s next on my list.

  2. Love the ebook, but I’ve got the Sony version (much better physical design, though without the Amazon library). Read about the Battle of the E-Books at http://twitclicks.com/f4ot
    Here’s hoping Santa brings a Sony ebook version.

  3. Now I’m getting more and more curiouser. What’s the difference between using a Kindle, and using a PDA to download and read books in the Microsoft Reader format? I’ve found plenty of free downloads for classics, and of course the online bookstores sell more recent titles. I honestly haven’t been keeping up with the “battle of the e-books,” I’ve just been floating along happily with MS Reader on my PDA, not knowing any better. I’d like to know more…

  4. Everyone wants a better explanation of the advantages of Kindle. I have not purchased, having owned several Readers such as the “Franklin Reader”(early adapter). I have went back to my notebook after trying several and wondering why I should by the Kindle, except that is what Amazon has moved their readership too. Is the Kindle the Ipod of readers? Or is it a Segway?

  5. For those who haven’t yet sampled either the Sony or Amazon Kindle ebooks, they are leaps ahead of earlier ebook technologies.

    The screen is not backlit (which is a huge drain on battery life), but has the same contrast as a piece of paper. If you can read a book with the available light, you can read an ebook.

    The advantages are:
    1) you can carry and read over 100 books at once. As one who likes to read more than one book at a time and can read a book a day, I used to travel with a stack of books that took up luggage space and were heavy.
    2) The ebook always remembers the page you left off.
    3) You can change font sizes so that any book can be a large type book
    4) books cost less since there are no production and shipping costs
    You can read more at http://twitclicks.com/ckl7

  6. Very good news John! Congrats! I haven’t gotten into the Kindle thing yet but it sounds like amazing technology that is great for people on the go. Thanks J. Heaney for the advantages listed above.

  7. There are couple reasons I’m a fan both of the electronic book reader and Kindle specifically.

    1) on book readers in general – I can take 20 books, the Wall Street Journal, New York Time and Newsweek with me everywhere I go. I just think that’s a great thing and I would love to see text book makers relieve our kids from their 100# backpacks with this technology.

    2) On Kindle – no backlight so it reads very much like a real book. Same shape and size of a real book and I feel very much like I’m reading a real book – except – I can highlight, save, search, look-up words all on the fly.

    But, the killer feature for the Kindle and why it shines over the Sony product is the Amazon network. There is a wireless device built right in and I can get books or my subscriptions to daily blogs and newspapers just by turning it on – no need to hook up and download from computer. So, if I’m riding the train and someone tells me about the book they are reading, in about 10 seconds I can be reading it!

  8. Thanks for your insights, John J and John H. Of the various features you mentioned, looks like the instant download from Amazon is the only one that my old PDA doesn’t provide. So I’ll stick with what I’ve got, but it’s good to know now why I’m sticking with it!

  9. @James – not trying to convince you to buy a Kindle, but way different experience than PDA – much larger, looks, reads and feels like a book. I couldn’t read an article on a PDA, let alone an entire book. Another real key is the way the text is displayed using virtual ink instead of a backlight – way easier on the eyes.

  10. John J is entirely correct. The user experience delivered by the current ebooks differ markedly from earlier efforts. The screen presents more text, font sizes are user definable, they can read a variety of ebook forats, capacity is much greater, the display technology is immeasurable better, and the battery life is extraordinary. I can go an entire vacation and never have to recharge my Sony ebook.

    Despite the Kindle’s appealing wireless technology, its physical design is uninspired. I’m hoping that Amazon realizes the true business potential lies in the content they sell to each ebook owner and opens up their massive library to third parties. If Apple or Ideo were to design an ebook capable of downloading from Amazon, I’d buy it instantly.

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