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Creating marketing materials that educate is the best way to develop customers, but it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop with lead generation and conversion. You can extend the education as a way to create raving fans and generate more referrals.

Whenever someone buys a product or service they should also be taught the proper way to get the most from that product or service. You can teach them over time how to get more and more from the product or service. You can teach them how to move up the next level of product or service. You can them the secret hacks, the under the hood tips, and even expose them the best practices from your other customers.

Far too often we sell a product or service and just assume our customers are getting the results they desired or were promised. By creating a systematic “how to” set of materials we can help them be more successful, use more of the features, and ultimately experience greater value.

At the end of the day, that’s what generates referrals.

I know I love it when I get buy a product and the first thing I receive is a getting started guide, followed by a full tutorial, followed by daily “have you tried this” emails. Every business, product or service can do the same.

    Here are some idea starters.

  • Create a getting started guide for your product, company or service
  • Create a series of “how to” videos and promote the links to them in your new customer kit or packing slip
  • Create an automated email series that teaches lessons and tips
  • Create a standing tutorial webinar for all new customers (Make sure everyone in the company can conduct these!)
  • Create a follow-up phone consultation session as part of your product

It may take a little extra effort to create these tools initially, but the dividends in terms of customer satisfaction and word or mouth will be tenfold.

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