Arm Your Referral Program With Testimonials

Arm Your Referral Program With Testimonials

Arm Your Referral Program With Testimonials

By John Jantsch

I�ve stumbled across yet another way to use testimonials.

If you, like many business owners, find the glowing, check
in hand, look what I made last week type of testimonials a
turn-off, then ignore the approach but understand the power
of the tool.

Get testimonials from happy clients, but get ones that support
your core marketing themes and messages, even if you have
to write them for your clients. (I only suggest this as a way
to facilitate the process.)

But, after you have an ample supply of testimonials, you
don�t need to view them only as a way to brag about yourself,
you can also use them as a marketing tool for your referral

Here�s how to some more mileage from your testimonials

Compile your testimonials and send them to your existing
clients and inform them that they should use this tool as
a way to introduce you to potential clients if they wish.

Here is what I have found happens when you do this.
Your existing clients are resold on your value. Your
existing clients want to add their testimonial to the
list. You get to have a positive message about your
firm spread by someone else with an implied, third- party
endorsement attached.

Just another Duct Tape Marketing way to add power to
your Referral Program

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