Are You Having Significant Conversations?

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So often we rush through client meetings aimed solely
on getting the order or getting through the agenda.

What we can miss with this approach is the opportunity
to bring real value or real change.

I suggest that at some point in a client relationship you
should be brave enough to ask your clients what their
most important personal goals are. And, then be prepared
to spend time understanding how you can help them
achieve those goals.

Most of us go through weeks without having this type
of meaningful conversation with anyone, let alone
someone we see as buyer of our goods or services.

The problem of course is that in order to help someone
achieve a personal goal you have to care about them,
maybe you have to even let them know you care about
them . . . and that’s scary.

The result though can be much more fulfilling work,
much more loyal clients and way more referrals.


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