Are You Educating All of the Buyers

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Many companies define there target market and then go about creating marketing material and sales processes aimed at demonstrating just why they have the answer to this market’s prayers.

The problem in some markets though is that the person being sold isn’t the person who actually makes the decision to buy.

For example, a home remodeler may have a perfectly constructed argument to convince hubby to buy, but the reality is, if momma isn’t convinced, the deal won’t move forward.

In many doctor’s offices, equipment and software is marketed to the doctor, but if the administrator or receptionist doesn’t see how it will make their life better, the doctor may never know it exists.

Many product and service providers need to understand every person in the buying and decision making chain for their target market and create and communicate the appropriate benefits to each. If your product is put out to the end user through a distribution channel, then the end user must understand and desire what you have, but the distributor must also understand and desire what you have, from their point of view.

This certainly calls for understanding all of the buying dynamics in your markets and it may in fact require separate web sites and marketing materials personalized for all who must understand your “what’s in it for me.”


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