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I recently ran across a very nice example of a tactic that I have been professing for years now and even offer as a referral strategy in my Referral Flood program.

A group of experts in several areas of real estate calling themselves the Property Panel have come together, in this case it appears under the sponsorship of financial giant HSBC, to produce a series of webcasts aimed at educating the first time home buyer.

This type of collaborative expertise project is available in almost any industry or any community. Think in terms of other businesses in your town that serve your same target market and partner with those folks to produce information products for your prospects along the lines of this Property Panel example.

You don’t need to hire a team of programmers to produce something that elaborate. You can simply host a series of teleseminars and interview your guest experts. Produce FAQs or question and answer session transcripts. Create a group blog. Hold a workshop. Co-brand and co-distribute marketing materials from your expert team members. And, don’t forget about the opportunities for referrals.

Anyone who provides professional services to businesses and individuals could replicate this tactic. Home services businesses such as remodeling contractors or roofers could provide some great team based education in their market.

With a little thought and some luck you could probably find a sponsor for such an effort.


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