Local Search Is A Growing Moving Target

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Any casual reader of this blog will know that I am a big fan of local search strategies for small businesses. In other words, do everything you can to be found online in your city, community, and neighborhood.

The problem is, while all of the search engines are rolling out initiatives to capture this lucrative market, and signs are that small business owners are waking up to it, the space is a seriously serpentine-like moving target.

I am attending a one-day Search Engine Strategies workshop in Denver on September 28th, focused on local search topics. I’m not pitching this event, I think you may want to know about it. And, if you are planning to attend, please find me and say hi!

Here’s what the website says about the event.
* The major players in the local search arena will describe their services and opportunities for search marketers
* Hear case studies from search marketers who’ve successfully leveraged the local search channel
* Learn how to take advantage of the unique search optimization and advertising challenges posed by local search services
* Participate in Q&A sessions with experts in local search


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