Another Group of Duct Tape Marketing Coaches

Another Group of Duct Tape Marketing Coaches

Another Group of Duct Tape Marketing Coaches

By John Jantsch

Another group of small business marketing coaches came to Kansas City this weekend to complete the first phase of training to become Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coaches. The group, residing in parts of Texas, California, New York and Minnesota, brings the number of coaches worldwide (US, Canada, and the UK) to 27.

Peter Monsen, a new Duct Tape coach from Long Island, shared this anecdote referring to the Duct Tape Marketing system:
“Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, while thought of as one of the pioneers of positive thinking, died essentially penniless. W Clement Stone, a Hill disciple and author of The Success System That Always Works, became a millionaire and attributed his success to two things: Action and a System.”

In a bout of shameless self-promotion, I concur. Duct tape marketing is all about taking action and creating a small business marketing success system. The system is the solution. – Now, go get started on creating your system!

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