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Change This is a clever project, originated by Seth Godin and currently owned and operated by 800-CEO-READ (see the Small Biz Read Blog on the Duct Tape Channel). Anyone can post a proposal for a manifesto on the Change This site and then readers vote on whether or not they would like to see that proposal turned into a Change This Manifesto. A Change This Manifesto is basically a well developed thought on one particular subject and comes in the form of a smartly designed PDF file. You really should go grab a few of these.

Duct Tape Blog Channel blogger, Don the Idea Guy currently has a proposal that I think deserves your attention and votes.

Here’s Don’s description:


I’ve long met with clients over coffee to discuss their business and to generate creative marketing, promotional and branding ideas designed to engage new business, but it was only rather recently that my usually quick-on-the-uptake brain matched the common link to clients and creativity — COFFEE.

That realization prompted a couple of my most-read blog posts sharing observations on the links between coffee and creativity — the art of brewing highly-caffeinated ideas and building stronger relationships with your clients. The idea of honing your skill as an “Idea Barista.”

The concept has evolved enough to propose a manifesto on the ChangeThis.com website, and I invite you to visit the link and read the short proposal. If you find the concept interesting, I ask you to click the gray button on that page that says “Yes, write this manifesto”. If enough votes are collected, I’ll be asked to post the entire manifesto as part of the ChangeThis archive of cool content.

Go Visit the proposal and vote – The Idea Barista: Blending Coffee & Creativity to Brew New Ideas


FYI: Yukon is my favorite blend.


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