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Hey, I live with 5 women so I don’t wade into this swamp casually.

The deal is that no matter how my liberated self tries to convince me that men and women business owners are the same and can be treated the same…the evidence before me is more obvious than a lipstick scrawl on the mirror.

My research complete, I present this finding.

Women business owners are more fun.

Oh they’re also smarter and way sexier but the real deal is that women have more fun with their business and boy could we all learn from that.

And you know the women that really have fun? The one’s that aren’t afraid that the world will mistake them for anything other than a women – in fact, they seem to celebrate their womeness (sp?)

I offer three great blogs – full of insightful content, aimed, at times, squarely at other women, but always more fun than losing one of your favorite earrings way down in the couch cushions in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Michelle Miller’s WonderBranding: Marketing to Women Make sure you watch her video!

Kirsten Osolind’s re:invention

Yvonne DiVita’s Lip-Sticking

Read these blogs, experience the fun…and then go have some of your own. Make your business more fun, dance when people are watching, take some risks, and people will want to do business with you, talk about you, and just hang out buying stuff from you.


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