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I use the heck out of a couple of toolbars. A toolbar is a browser add-on program that add features to your surfing and these days almost every other website is offering them.

For instance the Google toolbar allows you to view the Google assigned PageRank for a site you are visiting and the Alexa toolbar gives you traffic stats for site you surf to.

Other common toolbar features are pop-up blockers and enhanced search features.

Now Yahoo has beta launched an Anti-Spyware feature. I’ve just started testing it but if it works, then Yahoooo!

Elimination of scumware, spyware, and adware should be at the top of John Ashcroft’s terrorism hit list. If you are not familiar with these pests then you better do some research on them as it is likely they are robbing your computer and your websites at this very moment.

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  1. John,

    I know I’m late to the party so to speak, but I thought I’d suggest something other than addons. Firefox ( ). It’s well worth the download, built in google search, and a simple click to get alexa and yahoo added to it.

    Spyware is all but nonexistent since Firefox doesn’t have active-x nor vb scripting (both of which are the reason for 85% of the ‘scum’ out there).

    Past that there is way too many other features worth mentioning. Give it a week, you’ll forget why Internet Explorer is even there.


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