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I really like the new tools and toys that Web 2.0 platforms are spinning out on a daily basis, but it sure takes alot of self control to know what to ignore and what to invest your time in learning more about. I often feel that’s why some folks read this blog, they know I’ll have one of my moments and run off and investigate some new technology and them come back and give my thoughts on it.

Lately, I’ve been ignoring more and more, mainly because they don’t seem to improve on much of what’s out there. But sometimes, it’s easy to look at something at face value and think, that’s just silly, there is no business application for that. That’s just a bunch of kids and people who have nothing better to do ranting about what they ate for lunch. Sound familiar? I can’t tell you how many times in 2006 I still heard that about blogs.

The trick is to think how you and only you might apply some new technology. Don’t get dazzled by the bright shiny lights, just use your head – will this new thing allow me to get more done, communicate more effectively, serve better, make more money – maybe, it’s true use is hidden in your ability to give it a new twist, apply it a new way. That’s where most of the innovation magic comes from.

A case in point. A friend mentioned a new service called Twitter. I went and looked and thought, this is stupid. But then I mentioned it to my 16 year and she immediately told me why it was good. Here’s what she said, “If that’s the way I want to send and receive my information, then you should figure out how to use it.” Wow, marketing 101, with a little attitude to boot


It’s no longer enough to simply accept cash, checks, and credit cards. You’ve also got to accept mobile phones, PDAs, iPods and every other form of digital information distribution. Just think about how you can apply it to your unique situation. If the customer wins, if your people win, if you win, it’s probably a good new technology.

I’ll give another one to play with – Dapper. So, what tools have you found that might show future promise?


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