What's the picture of your business when it's done?

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Picture frameMichael Gerber, author the E-Myth books, used to ask me that question and I have to tell you that it rings immediately as both very necessary and completely absurd.

Sometimes, when you are just getting started, you have this picture of what you want your business to be like, act like, be thought of like, but then you dive in and forces of doing the work to make a buck cause a series fog to roll in.

I think it’s absolutely essential that you step back often and take a look at your business from the unattached, back row seats of the auditorium, (the place where no critics sit) and in that looking – ask yourself the question – what is the picture of my business when it’s done?

You may never have a right answer, or a complete answer to that impossible question, but without that focus on where you are headed, what the experience is that you would like to have, you will never know if you are on track and you will risk always serving the whims of your business rather than building a business that serves your life.


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