What would the perfect business day look like?

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GTD - David AllenMost days small business owners are juggling all the stuff that comes at them all day, either planned or self-inflicted, with a somewhat unsystematic, gut level kind of approach. I know I do that – sometimes it works, sometimes it really, really doesn’t work.

I also know that there is a perfect kind of day for me in my business, one that has effective, efficient and purposeful written all over it. I don’t always work that way, but when I do, it’s a lot more fun.

So I thought I would outline what my perfect business day (non-business days are another subject) looks and feels like and hope that you can share the same, or at least start thinking about intentionally creating perfect business days.

One disclaimer before I lay this out – I don’t, by any means, do this kind of day everyday – or even enough, but it’s a goal.

5:00 am, practice appreciation and silence, catch up on RSS reading, email, read New York Times
7:00 am, wake the kids up for school, eat breakfast with them
8:00 am, workout with my wife at gym or take a lap around Loose Park
9:00 am, at the office plan the day by category – I have about 8 buckets in business and life that I try to make sure I step in every day – mostly aspects of business like marketing, creating, finance and vision. It’s all important and you’ve got to do a little on each daily.
9:30 am – 1:00 pm – This is powerwork time for me – I’m a morning person so I get the most done here
Lunch in here somewhere – I need to get better about this one, get out of the office
3:00 – 6:00 – I do my best on the phone here, I like to put phone meetings, interviews and conference calls in this slot

So there you have it. That’s my perfect business day. So, what does yours look like, what should yours look like? Care to share?



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