What Internet Marketers Know That You Don’t

What Internet Marketers Know That You Don’t

What Internet Marketers Know That You Don’t

By John Jantsch

I use the term “Internet Marketer” in the title here in a less than flattering way. There are certainly those who make a living selling products and services via the Internet that deliver real value, but many “info and Internet” marketers also prey on people’s fears, hopes and irrational dreams to pedal worthless junk over and over again.

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However, what these folks know that you don’t is that you don’t necessarily need the best product, you don’t have to create a revolutionary innovation, you don’t have pile on more and more services and features and you certainly don’t have to slash prices to compete.

No, what Internet marketers know that you don’t is that all you really need is better marketing.

I’m not suggesting that you aim for inferior and worthless products and services, but I am suggesting that focusing on better marketing from top to bottom is more important than trying to improve or enhance your products and services right now.

In fact, if you were to find a way to sell more of what you’ve got you could confidently raise your prices and invest in making the best product known to mankind, but not until your fix your marketing.

I’ll go as far as to suggest that you might not even want to create a product or service until you’ve figured out how to effectively market it.

What Internet marketers know that you don’t is that:

  • You have to focus on the narrowest market possible
  • You have to get personal
  • You have to slay your prospect’s demons
  • You have to get them emotionally involved in a solution
  • You have to draw them in with a story of hope
  • You have to focus on building and segmenting better lists
  • You have to write better headlines
  • You have to write better bullet points
  • You have to write better calls to action
  • You have to offer better social and tangible proof
  • You have to offer free that is better than most paid
  • You have to engage your prospect through multiple forms of content
  • You have to move your prospect with little steps
  • You have to give them reasons to act today
  • You have to create scarcity and exclusivity around your offers
  • You have to introduce increasing levels of engagement
  • You have to create opportunities to involve your community in sharing
  • You have to build a team of partners and make it easy for them to promote your offers
  • You have to follow-up consistently, predictably and repeatedly
  • You have to monitor, measure, analyze, test and refine everything you do

Now, you can use these steps to manipulate and do evil things in support of false promises, hopes for riches and worthless products.

Or, you can use these steps to create awareness, build trust and move people to investing in products and services that deliver immense value, but either way, what you really need is better marketing.

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