What If Marketing Was A System?

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Think about this one for a while. You have systems for accounting, making if, fixing it, shipping it, hiring…even for how to sort the mail. So, why the heck is marketing still an event.

What if you began to analyze every markting function as though you needed to teach it to someone? How we answer the phone, how we tell people what we do here, how we send out the mail, how we solve customer issues, what we say on a sales call, what we do when we get an order.

Then it would need to make sense, then you would need a plan – maybe a document, then it would have to work.

The basis of any good system is that it works, it’s documented, and it’s measurable. If it’s broken, you fix it. The real system techies might even try to think of ways to continually make it work better.

More on this…I just had to get you thinking


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