What does it take to grow a company?

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Scott Cook - IntuitScott Cook, founder of Intuit, delivered a simple message this morning in a presentation titled: The game is changing but the rules are the same. The theme of the talk was a road map for growing a business in today’s environment.

    Here are the three major points for Intuit’s success according to Cook:

  • Treat your employees as a volunteer workforce – Nurture your employees as entrepreneurs
  • Ultimately the work is delivered by people and process – Experiment and Adopt tools that let you stay agile
  • Word of mouth is more important than ever – Demonstrate value ahead of the sale and Proactively create customer delight

These words were delivered by the leader of one of the biggest companies around and yet, they apply to the one person shop equally.

Intuit is famous for measuring and evaluating the customer experience and Intuit created a page that allows you to grab Cook’s presentation, the actual survey tools, something they call the NetPromoter Survey and other related customer delight tools.

This is a great resource – go grab it all


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