What Do You Call a Single Mom Entrepreneur?

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I received this email from a reader today and, I’ve got to tell you, it took my breath away.

Here is a bit of the content.
“I am interested in buying your book but being a single mom of two young kids (attempting to start a business while working full time and going back to school in January), I can’t splurge on anything for myself right before the holidays.”

Okay, I know how hard I work on my business and as a parent and I know how hard my wife works too. So, pulling off what my reader described in her note makes her superwoman if you ask me.

You bet I’m sending her a book and I would like to find another 25 single mom entrepreneurs who could use the support, recognition and tiny bit of marketing help a gratis copy of Duct Tape Marketing might bring. Please pass this post on to any SMEs you know (hit the email this post link at the top of the post) or drop me a line (see the email john link in the upper left corner) and tell me about somebody who you think fits the superwoman SME profile. (I think this might make a neat series of interviews)


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