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communicationI’ve added a weekend post routine that I hope you enjoy. Each weekend I write a post that features 3-4 things I read during the week that I found interesting. Generally speaking it won’t involve much analysis and may range widely in topic. (Flickr image included here is also fav image of the week)


Good stuff I ran across this week

  • Slideshare – Slideshare is a site that allows you to post your slide presentations and have them converted to flash slideshows. These can then be embedded on your website. I’m a big Slideshare fan and recently found the Facebook application and LinkedIn application for Slideshare that allow you to post your presentations automatically to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles when you upload them to Slideshare.
  • Simply Noise – this tool may take some experimenting with to appreciate, but what is does is produce white, pink, or brown noise that can be very beneficial to help drown out distracting noise around you. Some office environments add devices to do this. The site also promotes this for relaxation and soothing migraines and I have to tell you when I want to write or really concentrate I find a little white noise through headphones is a great way to help me focus.
  • 10 lessons from a failed startup – All 10 are spot on and applicable to start-ups and grow-ups alike. My favorite #5. Marketing requires constant expertise.

Image credit: Stephane Martin


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