Unplugging for Digital Down Day

Unplugging for Digital Down Day

Unplugging for Digital Down Day

By John Jantsch

kiteI ran into a bit of a Twitter storm the other day when I casually mentioned that I was going to totally unplug for a day. Fear and support and a name, brand and date all came next.

I am hereby declaring next Friday, Friday the 13th – Digital Down Day. For 24hrs I am not going to Tweet, Friend, Post, Email or even use a computer or mobile device. If I can’t do something with a pen, paper, head, hand and heart, I’m not going to do it that day.

Now, you may not care what I’m doing or why, but I felt so much support for the idea (ironically in the digital circles where I shared it) that I want to see if we can make this a movement – maybe even take over the Friday the 13th brand from here on out.(There’s only one in 2011, but 3 in 2012) I would love it if you would join me, support this idea by sharing it with others, promote it to whatever media channels you hang out in and let’s see if we can move a collective appreciation everything in our lives that is non-digital.

You know I have nothing against the online world and tools, I just wondered if this could be a way to focus appreciation on the things in my life that don’t have plugs and IP addresses, that’s all.

On top of recruiting others, here’s how you can play

1) Tweet your intention to be one of the following for Digital Down Day – #digitaldownday

  • Unsocial – hey I work at a digital marketing agency and my boss would kill me so I pledge to stay off all social networks for the day
  • Unplugged – I’m on board and will unplug for my digital and online world, but I may need to work on my computer a bit
  • Unwired – I’m going get outside, smell the roses and scribble in my moleskin notebook

So a tweet might look like – I’m going to be unplugged for Digital Down Day on Friday the 13th – join me http://bit.ly/downday (use that link to point people to this explanation)

2) Leave a comment here telling us what you plan to do on Digital Down Day – you know, since you won’t be tweeting it. (Let’s build the ultimate 101 things to undigital things to do.)

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