Two Cool Points of View

Open from AMEX sponsors this blog in part and gives me the opportunity to attend their very popular Open Forum events, which I did a week or so ago. (You can check out the archived webinar if you like.)

I had the chance to interview Mario Batali, one of New York City’s hottest restaurant owners and Liz Lange, maternity apparel designer for the stars. New York City treats restaurateurs and fashion moguls like rock stars so I loved their down to earth answers to these questions.

Me: As your business expands how do you continue to find good people?
Mario Batali: Give them a piece of the action. You can’t hang on to everything, let good people run things.

Me: You started all by yourself, how do you deal with your new found growth?
Liz Lange: At first I was nervous about letting go, now I love it. I get to do all of the fun stuff.

Two points of view I’ve found that more small business owners could adopt. Letting go may be the hardest thing a small business owner has to deal with as the business grows – but it’s the only way it’s going to happen.


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