Twitter Cooking Up Some Homegrown Apps

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Twitter seems to be headed down the path towards creating their own suite of apps. You might want to bookmark their media blog as it’s gotten pretty active. Last week brought the @anywhere platform for developers and this week they introduced a simple little tool that allows you to republish tweets like a screen grab.

The tool is called Blackbird Pie. All you have to do is grab the URL from a single tweet (on twitter you click on the time stamp – 40 minutes ago via . . . to get to the URL) and take to the Blackbird site and “bake it.” Once you do so you will given a truckload of code (they are working on shortening) to add to your site and viola tweet republished.

I think the thing that makes this superior to screen grabs is that the links in the tweet are live too. Not sure it’s earthshaking stuff but they do seem busy.

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