Truth or Delusion in Networking for Referrals


Recently I caught up with Ivan Misner, founder of BNI and author of a number of books on networking and referrals, including his most recent release – Truth or Delusion on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast.

Misner and I discussed a number of the myths and truths that commonly surround the practice of networking.

    For instance:

  • Truth or Delusion? People who like, care and respect you will refer business to you.
  • Truth or Delusion? Referral marketing is the safest form of advertising.
  • Truth or Delusion? If you provide good customer service, people will refer business to you


Misner is often called the “father of modern networking” and has much to offer on the topic.

If you are not familiar with BNI you might want to search for a chapter in your community. BNI has created over 3,000, industry exclusive referral groups. Chapters exist in most American cities and aournd the world. Find a chapter

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