Think of July 1 as a sort of a Jan 1

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This article on the AP wire is such a good reminder – mid year financial check-ups

The grade school my kids went to used to celebrate 1/2 birthdays – the 6 month date between one birthday and the next – why not celebrate 1/2 vision day for your business.

So, you sat around the fireplace in late December 2007 and made a list of goals, right? July 1 is such a great date to take a look at just how well you are doing. It’s also a great time to create some new goals, realign unrealistic goals, and create a list of action steps that will point you towards realizing your current vision for your business. While you’re at it make sure you work on personal, business, strategic and tactical goals all at the same time – there is no such thing as life/work balance – it’s just all about vision and having fun.

Oh, and don’t forget – marketing is a habit – do it every day, week, month, quarter and do it passionately.


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